Friday, December 2, 2011

One Year Later.

I figure I'd better post something to keep my blog alive.   I mainly use it to keep track of other's blogs and may even figure out how to put my saved blogs on the side panel like other blogs have.   This technology just doesn't come easy for me, I have to make an effort to learn it.

I have done a few things in the past year.   And just yesterday I finished a St. Nicholas figure for a local library display.  It is an recycled doll and I'll show the before photo first.   The tall one.  The other one was if I was going to make a red/white Santa and that would be his short adult elf.  As it turned out, I made St. Nicholas and finished him 1/2 hour before he was to go on show.

 I put a new larger covering over the head to make it bigger and sculpted it.  Not entirely happy with it but was short on time.  Also put a stocking on the torso and stuffed it to give him a full figure.
 The front basket has a small nativity scene in it, I think it is miniature Mexican wooden decorations.   the robe is from an up-cycled skirt that someone made and is beautiful cotton velvet.   Real mink completes his outfit;  it goes up both sides of the front too.  
I cobbled real leather boots, belt, back basket ties, and a fringed satchel.
The back basket (and everything, were supplies I had previously acquired from thrift stores), has miniature toys in it.   And the tree is one I had, and I cut the branches to make them shorter to reflect the trees of that time.
I think I straightened him up since the photo was taken, and now his beard goes down, instead of out.  I was in a big hurry.
He is an original doll as I drew out the patterns myself.

Well, this episode was pretty easy to do, so maybe I'll be more diligent and post more often than once a year.   I also completed one doll, 2 small quilts, two beaded bracelets, and a re-made necklace.  And I opened an etsy shop, where I sell my extra art/craft items and magazine and books.

Until next time . . .  or, as I like to say, Keep On Dolling (based from the "keep on trucking" from the 70's, which few people remember.

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  1. Very cute!!..Look forward to seeing more of your talents 2012 yaaay!