Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Revival for getting organized . . . De-stashing

Hello,  I'm finally back.  Major life changes here with my 86yo mother moving in with us and having to switch the house around for her.   I had to move my jam-packed studio from the front downstairs bedroom into two smaller rooms, one being upstairs, and the other having no heat or air conditioning.  I liked having all my creative stuff out on shelves and organized where I could see it all.   And now it is divided up.

       And last week I had a creative idea and wanted a certain book that I absolutely know I have.  But it was no where to be found.   I searched and searched, and it was oh so frustrating.   Finally gave up and replaced it from ebay, knowing that as soon as I ordered it, my copy would show up.  So far it hasn't, but I know it will.  

      I just have too much stuff.   Too many books, Too many magazines, too much fabric, wool (well, not too much, but I could share some ...), silks, leather, furs, ultrasuede, beads, etc.    So I have decided to sell some of it.   I went into my neglected Etsy account and lowered my prices, and renewed items.  And now I am going to be diligent and list rug hooking books.

       Actually I don't know what is allowed here and what isn't.   I just need a place to put photos.   Will try it and see what happens.